Our Hearts As Thieves

Lyricism as an instrument: American poetry meets European free improvisation,
the spoken word encounters tactile music.
Eliot Cardinaux - poetry, piano
Jonas Engel - wind instruments
Asger Thomsen - double bass, objects
Etienne Nillesen - prepared snare drum



Eliot Cardinaux
Child of the other sun,
how latent pass the blossoms
of our hearts as thieves
bristle their leaves,
how late the speaker turns the thorn.

And now as yellow forelimbs fall,
their voided caskets irritate the sparrow –
like you, to whom no thistle
rises in the bread.

And when my heart swings gently,
avoiding the price it leaves there,
glowing so coldly without a name,

this egret of a stone-stiff back –
one feather, it winters no number.