Jonas Engel is active as an improviser and composer in the young European creative music scene. His works and projects are moving between acoustic noise music (Solo, Our Hearts As Thieves) electronic progressive music and creative jazz (OWN YOUR BONES, Just Another Foundry). He is constantly researching on any kind of technique and instrument extensions to produce sound and silence.

Jonas is based in Cologne and Copenhagen where he is next to his own bands active in the local music scene as sideman and coleader in several projects.

Concert tours and artist residencies led him through North and South America, most countries of Europe and the Near East, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia. Jonas is a scholar of DAAD, Idella Fondation and Dörken Stiftung and received the Young German Jazz Award, European Tremplin Jazz Award, Maastricht Jazz Award. He studied at the HfMT Köln and the RMC Copenhagen.

His Solo work deals with creation of acoustic noise and sonority on wind instruments that gets its influence from electronic sounds through the development of extended techniques, instrument-alterations and eventually the electrification of those instruments. He explores the possibilities of multi layered textures with air, harmonics, saliva, microtones, displaying an inner body sound that makes its way to the surface. To produce sound he uses reeds going into tubes - such as soft-PVC-hoses, saxophone or ABS plastic trumpet - ending up in objects or effect pedals.